Termoencogibles supports the development of human talent

"An organization is as big and successful as it is its human talent." Under this slogan, Termoencogibles, believes that investing in the development of human talent is the pursuit of success and continuous improvement, achieving international leadership. 
With this commitment to implement actions that support the development of human talent we started more than a year ago "Abriendo Caminos" (open gateways), an educational program aimed at adults collaborators, who want resume their secondary education free. 
“Abriendo Caminos” Program aims to develop the educational skills of employees to enhance their professional development and staff with suitable academic level posts in the said level required. 
In February this year, Termoencogibles performed the closing of the first cycle of the program, with graduation Promotion of the First bachelors of the Republic, benefiting 67 collaborators of the organization, who now take an important step in the development process having a higher level academic skills enabling them to increase their chances of growing up in the professional and personnel. 
This program is developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Universidad Francisco Gavidia. Congratulations to all our employees and their families, especially to the honor roll promotion, which in turn, exceeded two points, the national average of PAES.

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